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The Vajdaság New Life (VNL) community was formed in early 2004 mostly by Christian people of the town Ada as well as Christian people of other places. However the real date of the foundation dates back to October 23, 2004, when the declarations of commitment took place in our community. We hold that our commitment is valid so long as it is God’s plan for us—not forever but we open for everlasting commitment too. We are still very young, things are shaping around us, we are also changing in our personalities, but we have already decided on a guide line that we would like to have for our community.


The Principles of our Community

-        a catholic but ecumenically open community

-        based on the word of God, that is, on the Holy Bible and on the teaching of my Church

-        aims to teach the Gospel, to live in God’s world and to build it with tools which are given to us by God according to out abilities and our commitment.

-        the place to live this brotherly community is the community occasion and retreat once a week.

-        personal improvement is served by regular daily and individual prayer, the experience of which enriches the brethren by the division.


Our community is the bearer of many common services. We take an active part in facilitating the Fire evangelization afternoons, the “Rejoice my People” festival and the series of
St Andrew and Ignotus Schools and we have already organized camps at the river Tisa.


The rest goes as the Lord Jesus leads us :o)


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By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. Joh. 13,35