Welcome to the homepage of the Emmanuel Community in the Vojvodina

The Emmanuel Community is the fruit of the catholic charismatic renewal, which was made from the wish of catholics baptised with the Holy Spirit for a deeper commitment and a devoted life.

Acknowledged by the Pope, founder Pierre Goursat /15.08.1914. – 25.03.1991./ and Maria Catta. God had used them as tools to form the Emmanuel Community in France. By now the members of the community have spread to many countries.


The spirituality of the community has three basic graces:


1. Adoration: We hold it important that one has personal prayers regularly, and group prayers on community occasions, and Adoration in front of the Eucharist privately and in community.


2. Compassion: Taking Jesus as an example, we should turn with merciful to love our fellows in need, whether  it is material and spiritual need.


3. Evangelisation: we teach the gospel of Jesus Christ in all walks of life, in a world that is so much broken away from God: in our families,  at work, in public and anywhere we spend our free time.



The people belonging to the community are of different “states of life”: married men, women, loners, those living a virgin life for the heaven of God and priests.


In the Vajdaság the Emmanuel Community has been present for 10 years and has served in the area as part of the Hungarian Region

More information on our Community is available at lehocki26@yahoo.com